Former Operating Plant Decontamination and Demolition

During decontamination all site buildings and equipment used in the battery recycling process were decontaminated in preparation for equipment removal and demolition.  Decontamination began in early December 2012.  Demolition of the various buildings, infrastructure and associated equipment commenced February 27, 2013.


The public comment period for the Decontamination and Demolition Work Plan and associated plans ended February 5, 2013.  Thank you for the comments and/or questions received.


Work performed in accordance with the January 25, 2013 Decontamination and Demolition Work Plan is complete.  The waste water treatment building, tanks and ancillary equipment will remain in place and operational until a future date with the exception of the crystallizer, which may be disassembled and sold or transferred to another Exide facility. The stormwater pond and ancillary equipment will also remain in use until a future date. The main office building, identified as Building No. 1, is not being demolished and will remain in use.