Former Operating Plant Investigation and Remediation

The Former Operating Plant is approximately 87 acres in size and consists of the Exide Frisco Recycling Center’s former production/operation area (battery recycling and secondary lead smelting facility), four landfills (three closed landfills and one landfill that is active and designated the “Open Landfill”), and ancillary facilities. Two creeks cross the property from east to west, including Stewart Creek, which runs along the south side of the former production area, and a tributary to Stewart Creek (the “North Tributary”), which runs along the north side of most of the former production area.  Most of the former production area is located between Stewart Creek and the Northern Tributary.  The North Tributary converges with Stewart Creek northwest of the former production/operation area.The closure of the Recycling Center is following established regulatory steps with each step building upon the previous step.  In general, the major steps are as follows:


INVESTIGATION – Determine the type and extent of contamination.  The results of the investigations are being documented in an Affected Property Assessment Report (APAR).  The public, EPA and TCEQ will have the opportunity to provide input on the APAR, and ultimately the TCEQ must approve the final version. Investigation activities are being performed in accordance with an Administrative Order on Consent (AOC) entered into by Exide and the EPA effective May 2, 2012 (original Docket No. RCRA 06-2011-0966; re-designated by EPA as Docket No. RCRA 06-2012-0966), and with a TCEQ Agreed Order effective February 10, 2013 (Docket No. 2011-1712-IHW-E).  The APAR (following revisions needed to address agency input) will be posted on the Exide Frisco Recycling Center Closure website for a 30 day public review and comment period as reflected in the project schedule.  During the public review period, Exide plans to host a public information meeting to answer questions regarding the APAR.  Comments received by Exide prior to the public review and comment period will be considered by Exide, but may not receive a formal response from Exide until after the conclusion of the public review and comment period. 


REMEDIATION – Cleanup of the Former Operating Plant will be proposed in a document titled “Response Action Plan (RAP)”.  The RAP will include cleanup activities proposed by Exide, cleanup goals, the design of cleanup activities proposed, sampling to be performed to confirm cleanup goals have been met, maintenance activities required after cleanup is completed, and the schedule to complete the cleanup.  The public, EPA and TCEQ will have the opportunity to provide input on the RAP.  After the TCEQ approves the RAP, Exide will implement it under TCEQ oversight.


CERTIFICATION OF THE RESULTS – The completed cleanup will be memorialized in a Response Action Completion Report (RACR) confirming cleanup activities were performed in accordance with the TCEQ-approved RAP.


CURRENT STATUS OF THIS PROCESS – Exide is currently in the advanced stages of the investigation phase of work.    Exide submitted the APAR for the Former Operating Plant to the TCEQ and the EPA on July 10, 2013.  The TCEQ and EPA issued comments on the APAR, including a request for additional assessment.  Exide responded to these comments, including proposed additional assessment activities. Exide received conditional approval of the response to TCEQ and EPA comments on November 19, 2013 authorizing Exide to proceed with additional assessment activities.  Exide completed performing those additional activities, and submitted the revised APAR to the TCEQ and EPA on May 22, 2014.  The agencies are currently reviewing the revised report.