Active Landfill Waste Stabilization Begins

Waste stabilization activities for the active landfill commenced on Thursday, March 28, 2013. 

The current Waste Stabilization Plan (contained within the Response Action Work Plan, updated March 1, 2013) states in Section 3.3.4 that each approximately 20 cubic yard (CY) container of re-treated slag will be sampled to verify that it satisfies the Universal Treatment Standards prior to replacement into the landfill.  The original plan contemplated a single confirmatory sample per batch.  In response to TCEQ and EPA concerns regarding the uniformity and consistency of the mixing process during re-treatment, Exide has agreed to take 4 representative samples from each treatment batch (approximately 20 CY) for 10 batches during the Pilot Test period.  Each of the 4 samples will be analyzed for lead and cadmium.

A similar approach will be used during the Pilot Test proposed for the onset of milling activities of the deeper slag which is harder and more cemented.  This second Pilot Test is mentioned in the final Perimeter Air Monitoring Plan.

For more information regarding the Waste Stabilization Plan, Response Action Work Plan, or the Air Monitoring Plan, please visit the Active Landfill or Documents & Data page.