Interim Action Report

Golder Associates Inc. (Golder), on behalf of Exide Technologies, has performed interim actions to remove Slag and Battery Case Fragments and immediately underlying sediment from Stewart Creek downstream of the Former Operating Plant (FOP).  The interim actions were performed between the FOP and Lake Lewisville.  This work was performed in accordance with the Interim Action Work Plan (IAWP) prepared by Golder on November 7, 2013 and conditionally approved by the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality on December 17, 2013 along with subsequent correspondence.  This Interim Action Report summarizes the completed activities and results of post-removal sampling for the interim actions.

The associated documents have been posted to the Former Operating Plant project page, the Documents and Data page, as well as below:

Interim Action Report Slag and Battery Case Fragment Removal and Disposal, dated 08/22/2014