Undeveloped Buffer Property Investigation and Remediation (also known as the VCP Parcel)

The Undeveloped Buffer Property consists of approximately 170 acres of undeveloped land surrounding the Former Operating Plant.  This portion of the Exide property is being investigated and remediated under the TCEQ’s Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP).  For the VCP project, Exide and the City of Frisco (which is purchasing the Undeveloped Buffer Property) are co-applicants.  The VCP process is similar to the Former Operating Plant investigation and cleanup, except the Affected Property Site Report (APAR) and Response Action Plan (RAP) are being developed concurrently.


The APAR and RAP identify cleanup goals, cleanup procedures, and sampling to confirm cleanup goals have been met.  Preparation of these reports is nearing completion.  The community will have the opportunity to review and comment on the APAR and RAP prior to TCEQ approval.


The approximate bounds of the property are depicted below.

Associated Documents

MASTER SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT between Exide Technologies, the City of Frisco, Frisco Economic Development Corporation, and Frisco Community Development Corporation.

Exide Technologies Battery Recycling Facility - Undeveloped Buffer Property Remediation Community Relations Plan (March 2013) prepared by Exide Technologies and City of Frisco.

Undeveloped Buffer Property Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment, prepared for the City of Frisco by Southwest Geoscience, dated 2/26/2013

Undeveloped Buffer Property Affected Property Assessment Report, dated 4/1/2014